Sunday, December 19, 2010

       So today I just want to take a moment and have you turn your eyes to the right side of your screen. If you look on the top there is a box asking for you to vote for helping Red-cockaded woodpeckers in Arkansas. I just want to take a few minutes and urge you to do this.

      For those of you who do not know, red-cockaded woodpeckers (RCWs) are endangered, critically so. Their range has declined largely due to a loss of habitat, as they rely on mature pine trees for nesting.
The current range of the RCW is indicated by the red dots and the blue delineates their historic range. Quite a difference!!

On the Pepsi website they are trying to get money for making tree-peepers and providing funding for researchers. This project could lead to a longer-term study on this rare bird which may have implications for their conservation.You can check out the Pepsi website to read more about this bird and the project that they propose.
A picture of a tree-top peeper. They are going to make a cheaper, more cost-effective version.

    A picture of an RCW.

        As we all know, preserving wildlife species is so important, particularly when we are the cause of their decline. I know that it seems like your vote would not matter, but you can vote every day up until December 31st and it is so easy to log in and do if you have a facebook account! So, if you get a chance go check it out and maybe look around at other green projects. Next week I'll talk about green projects with plastic soda bottles and start up 'Woodcock' Wednesdays. The most exciting part of the week! Thanks for checking that out and tune in later for some green whispers!

Isn't he (or she) adorable!?!

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