Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let's recycle some bottles... and plant some plants!!

      I am a graduate student and being a student I can attest to the fact that money is hard to come by. So, I have learned to try and reuse when I can and recycle objects, such as soda bottles, into useful stuff. It is amazing how economical reusing materials can be!
      Today I am going to focus on one project of mine which started with a powerade bottle. I had taken a plant cutting and it was finally ready to plant. At this point, I could have ran out to the store and bought a pot OR I could use some ingenuity to make my own. I really wanted to add some pizazz to the graduate office so, not only did I want to make a planter, but I wanted a hanging planter. Here is what I did:

1) Find yourself a large powerade bottle or something similar. Obviously, this all depends on how large you want it. I bet that a 2 liter soda bottle would make an awesome large hanging planter!!

2) Cut off the top portion of the bottle to the height that you want. You could cut from the bottom, but I like the look of the cap being the bottom of the pot.

3) Cut holes into 3 spots along the edge of the bottle (see arrows above). These will be to put string through for hanging. If you have a good pair of hole punchers, you may be able to use those.

4) Find some string or yarn you have laying around the house and tie these around the holes you made. I used some leftover yarn I had from past knitting projects.

5) Tie all the string together at the top and there you have it! Your very own hanging plant pot. Now jump up and down, plant a plant in it, and hang it off a hook! :)

The finished product!

Other ideas:

1) Why not decorate the bottle?
2) You could use a larger bottle to plant a larger plant.
3) Use all different colors of string for a crazy look!
4) Glue recycled magazine clippings to the outside to decorate.
5) Just have fun and use your imagination!! :)

I hope that you have fun with this project. It is super simple but affective!! Stay tuned for more green whispers.

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  1. A big group of these would look fabulous! Great idea to use the cap end - it looks more interesting and provides easy drainage when you need it.