Saturday, December 11, 2010


       I thought today that I would share two pictures of the COOLEST bird ever. This has been the object of my scientific pursuits for the past year now and will continue to be so for the next year. I do not think you can get much cuter or odder.... Their ears are between their eyes, their brain is inverted, and they have 360 degree vision! Add to that their huge eyes, long bill, and stout body and you have what I would call a biological mess up.
      This is the American woodcock and if all of you have not seen one, I invite you to go out in the spring (if you are in the eastern half of the United States) and try and capture the males completing their aerial courtship. For now I am going to stop at that, but I'll try to share more information about them with you all each week. I'm headed off to run in the woods! :)

Any votes on woodcock chicks being the cutest?

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